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Headfirst provides a variety of services that are aimed at providing clients with the best return on their investment. Thanks to our team’s wide background of experience, here is a sampling of the services we offer:

Licensing/Representation - We represent brands both domestically and abroad, and have relationships with licensors and licensees across the globe. And when the need arises, we explore outside of our network to find the best opportunities for clients.

Brand Consultation – We can offer our knowledge and experience to clients in order to help set them on the right path to achieve their goals.

Brand Acquisition/Sale – Our knowledgebase extends to both the business and legal sides of brands and licensing. We can be of service in either the acquisition or sale of brands.

Direct to Retail Services – For certain markets, we can provide direct-to-retail services. We are always looking to expand our market offerings for DTR.

Contract Negotiations – We can provide our negotiating skills on behalf of clients in order to help achieve fair and advantageous terms.