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Headfirst Global Licensing is a globally-minded licensing company that is comprised of leading European and US brand managers. Our team’s wealth of experience in international brand licensing has been gathered and focused to provide clients the opportunity to grow their brands to their fullest potential.

The Headfirst team has developed an in-depth understanding of multiple markets across the globe. We provide truly hands-on knowledge of local markets, and can accurately pinpoint suitable partners, operators, and licensees for most any type of brand. Thanks to our global experience, we are especially strong at expanding brands to foreign markets.

Headfirst provides total turnkey solutions for all aspects of licensing, including: brand analysis and strategy, contract negotiations, intellectual property and trademark management, royalty collection, and legal matters.

In almost all markets, we work with locally appointed associates who provide invaluable insight and contacts across a wide spectrum of industries.

Headfirst is fully focused on developing a clearly defined licensing plan that syncs with clients’ core branding and marketing strategies. We emphasize our results-driven efforts on maximizing royalty income, while simultaneously enhancing brand equity, thus giving brand owners and our consultants the ability to safely dive into a project… Headfirst.